Album: Tübingen night shoot (2012-04-08)

On this night shoot I went out to the Tübingen Neckar barrage and took some long exposure shots and after that I went to the fields between Mähringen and Immenhausen, which are situated on a plateau called the "Härten", between the towns of Tübingen and Reutlingen. All shots were taken between midnight and two a.m.

Album: Photo tour with Katherina (2012-04-11)

My friend Katherina went out to the fields around Wurmlingen, which is situated in the "Ammer valley" near Tübingen. All photos were taken in the last 90 minutes before sundown.

Album: Twilight at the quarry (2012-04-17)

After the photo tour with Katherina, I went back to find a way into the old quarry near Wurmlingen to take pictures of that old trailer. This is what came out of it.


The "Traube" is a greek restaurant in the historic city center of Tübingen, Germany ( And while the food is excellent and the drinks are affordable, what makes this place really shine is the live music they have every saturday. An assortement of greek musicians (and very good ones at that) plays greek folk music from the 1930s-1960s. We go a lot and these pictures result from two of those visits. These pictures were taken on three different dates in the spring of 2012.